Yves Girard

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One day a wise man said to me, “Be careful of your dreams because sometimes they can come true”. So since then I’ve been dreaming all over and over again. It was in 1996 that I met Michel Carliez who took me under his wing and trained me for 12 years (from fencing to horseback riding through wiring, the basics of fire and falls from height…).

It was in 2011 that I met the U-Men Stunt family on the set of “Without Identity”. Since then I have been one of the four pillars of the group. I continue to learn with them and evolve on ever more exciting and incredible projects.

Professional skills

❖  Choreographer of fights

❖  Stunt coordinator

Significant experiences

❖  2013 : Fast & Furious 6   –  Fight choreographer assistant 

❖  2015 : 007 – Spectre   –  Fight choreographer assistant 

❖  2016 : Guyanne   –  Stunt coordinator

❖  2017 : K.O.   –  Stunt coordinator

❖  2019 : The Rytme Section   –   Stunt coordinateur assistant


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