Grégory Loffredo


2000, licensed STAPS (Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities), he also practices gymnastics and Kung Fu at the national level. Everything changes during a casting for the film “The Deadly Kiss of the Dragon”. For the first time in his life, he feels in his place, everything he has done since he was a child makes sense, he can finally express himself fully.

From the team he first meets Olivier Schneider on The Deadly Kiss of the Dragon and friendship is born immediately. Very soon, they will become the two assistants of Philippe Guégan, one begins a sentence and the other finishes it… which in hindsight must not have been easy for Philippe to manage! 

Then, in 2003, on Double Zero, it was the meeting with Patrick Vo. They immediately get along as if they have known each other forever. Same passion, same universe. He had just met Bruce Lee’s little brother. And finally, Yves Girard, a little later during a casting for a musical with fencing. And he sees this guy who kicks The Van Damme and wields the sword very skilfully. 

Of these three magnificent encounters had just been reborn the four musketeers. U-Men Stunt was the logical continuation of their journey, U-nis together to go further.

Professional skills

❖ Director

❖ Executive

❖ Fight Choreographer 

❖ Stunt coordinator

Significant experiences

❖  2014 : Bande de filles   –  Stunt coordinator

❖  2015 : Maryland   –  Stunt coordinator

❖  2018 : Le Flic de Belleville   –  Fight choreographer

❖  2018 : Ad Vitam   –  Fight choreographer

❖  2018 : L’Empereur de Paris   –  Stunt coordinator

❖  2019 : Bond 25   –  Fight Assistants


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