The U-Men Stunt Team was founded by Olivier Schneider and has been working together for almost 10 years. Patrick and Olivier were the first to meet during the filming of Samurais in 2001; they hit it off immediately and a strong bond was created. Following this, Olivier met Grégory whilst filming for Asterix 2, and Yves joined the team soon after. Between the four stunt professionals, there’s an extremely unified and supportive relationship, and the spirit of true friendship has always been present.

Their complementary skills are a powerful combination:

Olivier has an innate feeling for film-making. He understands immediately what a director is looking for and exactly how to bring the script to life.

Patrick, is a fantastic actor with a unique talent for adding the performance to a fight.

Yves, is a stuntman beyond compare; always at the heart of the action.

Gregory, is the technician of the group, he brings temperance and loves to teach and share his knowledge.

007 Spectre, Fast and furious 6… Together the team are working on more and more ambitious projects in France and in the US, and are rapidly acquiring international renown in the world of combat choreography and stunt coordination.

Aside from their expertise, their professionalism and their high standards, their legacy will always be one of humanity and humility. There’s no question of enforcing techniques, choosing the easy option. Their ethos is to support the script and enhance the vision of the film-maker with the very best choreography, and always ensuring the safety of the actors.

More recently, the team wishes to share their passion and their vision through passing on their skills and experience to others through training and directing their own series.